Oil is the most efficient, hottest burning heating fuel available. The flame created by oil is 400 degrees hotter then propane or natural gas. Resulting in shorter heat time and lower fuel consumption.

Heating oil is among the safest heating fuels available. Unlike, natural gas and propane, heating oil is not explosive.

Heating oil is not flammable in its liquid form. Therefor if a small leak develops in your system it does not create an immediate fire hazard. Propane and natural gas, on the other hand burn rapidly and explosively.

Always maintain your heating system to the highest standard to prevent safety hazards.
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Managing your family's heating system is a big responsibility, especially during the winter months. Running out of fuel is not only an inconvenience it can be dangerous. Take the worry out of winter and all your heating needs, sign up for Automatic delivery today.

Automatic Delivery - With our Automatic Delivery program we take the worry out of heating. You will always have plenty of oil and if you pay your bill within five days you'll always get a discount, no matter how much or how little oil you buy. Our expert account managers analyze several factors, such as past consumption and average daily temperature, to calculate your delivery schedule. Thereby eliminating unnecessary fill-ups and oil outages. What's more we pass the savings along to you. You'll receive fewer bills and receive a 10 cent discount per gallon with no minimum to buy.

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