We offer a complete line of automotive repair and preventative maintenance services. Our certified technicians have the expertise to quickly diagnose and correct your automotive problems. Whether you are coming in for a simple oil change or a complex engine problem, you can have confidence in our service.

Maintenance Tips

Tire Inflation - Have your tire pressures checked often. Under inflated tires can reduce vehicle handling, increase tire wear, and cause sudden blowouts.

Head Rests - Read your owners manual to learn the proper positioning of your headrests. Improperly adjusted headrests can increase your chance of injury during an accident.

Brake Wear - You should have your brake system checked often. Excessive wear can damage your vehicles brake system, increase stopping distance and in extreme cases may lead to brake failure.

Lube Oil - Change your engines oil every 3000 miles (or as specified in your vehicles owners manual). Clean oil is essential to prolonging engine life and reducing engine wear.

Exterior Lights and Signals - You should visually inspect your vehicles exterior lights often, to ensure proper operation. If your vehicles lights are not working, other drivers may not receive proper indication of your actions or intentions. Driving with head lamps that are adjusted incorrectly or damaged, may cause blind spots or reduce forward visibility.