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You never know when a failure in your homes heating system will occur. That's why our burner service technicians are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Our service is prompt and professional. To help avoid the unexpected check out our annual service contracts.

Service Contracts

Plan #1
- Annual cleaning and burner tune-up $129.95

Includes: Vacuum and cleaning of boiler, furnace and smoke pipe (to base of chimney), clean, lubricate and adjust burner, replace nozzle, filters and pump strainer. Test and check all burner safety controls and ignition system. Test fire and do efficiency check to maximize operating efficiency of unit.

Plan #2 - Annual cleaning and burner tune-up, all burner and service calls and parts replacement for 1 year. $229.95

• Free Emergency Service Calls
• All Parts covered include:

• Aquastat
• Nozzle
• Fan Motor
• Electrodes
• Nose Cone
• Limit Controls
• Burner Motor
• Draft Regulator
• Stack Relay
• Pressuretrol
• Fuel Pump
• Blower Belt
• Transformer
• Standard Thermostat
• Circulator (motor only)
• Circulator Coupling
• Cadcell
• Pump Coupling
• Combustion Chamber
• Fireomatic Valves
• Fuses
• Primary Control
• Zone Valve Power
• Head (1 only)